Club rules

Club Rules & Club Obligations To The Members

  • All playing members are required to make teas at least once per season.
  • All players must be at the ground at least 60 mins before the start of play on any given match day. Failure to do so means that you will not play.
  • Players are expected to assist in preparing the ground on match days such as the setting of boundary flags, raising of sight screens, general cleaning, etc.
  • Players are required to assist in tidying up the ground after the conclusion of a match. If players leave the ground before the match manager has indicated that all jobs have been done then they will not be permitted to play the following match.
  • Players are expected to help in the maintenance of the club during the season and when opening up for a new season and when closing down the club for the winter.
  • ​In general the club will not play unregistered players. We allow a player to take part in one friendly match if he/she wishes to find out if they wish to join the club but in this case they are uninsured and play at their own risk. They cannot claim damages against the club.
  • The club does not provide any insurance cover against injury sustained by a player or damage to his personal effects or third party. All registered players are covered by the BCF insurance scheme.
  • The club strongly upholds the Spirit of Cricket, as set out in the Preamble to the Laws.
  • The club will not tolerate any form of behaviour that may be seen to bring the club, opposing teams, officials or the game itself into disrepute.
  • Members are expected to show respect for fellow members, opposition players and officials at all times, both on and off the field.
  • ​The club does not tolerate bullying or abuse related to race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Disciplinary action will be taken against any member breaking this rule which may or may not including expulsion from the club.
  • There is no place for any form of violence on or off the field of play. Anyone involved in violence will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in a ban from playing cricket or being expelled from the club. In such circumstances, the member clubs of the BCF will be informed of such action.
  • Members may not bring drugs to the ground.
  • The use of performance enhancing substances is strictly forbidden by the club. Doping test could be carried out any time by the relevant Flemish authorities. Anyone caught taking banned drugs will face disciplinary action.
  • Membership implies payment of an annual subscription plus match fees.
  • In case, a player wishes to leave the club, he can do so by informing the chairman or secretary and by clearing all his/her debts. Any player sacked from the club on disciplinary grounds must also clear all financial obligations, otherwise, clearance will not be given by the club management for the player to transfer to another club.
  • Members will only be allowed to play if all debts from previous seasons are cleared except under exceptional circumstances agreed by the full club committee.
  • Annual subscriptions for the current season must be paid by the first league match otherwise they will be suspended from further matches until their annual subscription is paid except under exceptional circumstances agreed by the full club committee.
  • All new members must pay their annual subscription before they will be allowed to play.
Personal Data Protection & GDPR

When personal data is passed to the club during the registration process, the club shall:

  1. not process, transfer, modify, amend or alter the personal data or disclose or permit the disclosure of the personal data to any third party other than where required by the Belgian Cricket Federation for registration purposes and where required by club committee members to contact the member concerned in relation to availability for matches
  2. notify the member promptly and without undue delay upon becoming aware of a personal data breach or circumstances that are likely to give rise to a personal data breach, and otherwise assist the member in meeting its obligations regarding the notification, investigation, mitigation and remediation of a personal data breach under the Applicable Data Protection Legislation, without entitling the member to charge the club any costs for such assistance
  3. not authorize other members to process the personal data of a member other than with the prior written consent of the member except in the circumstances specified in paragraph 1 above
  4. cease processing a member’s personal data immediately upon the termination or expiry of the member’s affiliation to the club.

The member shall immediately notify the club if any complaint, allegation or request is made (including by any regulator) relating to the club’s processing of the member’s personal data. The member shall provide all such cooperation and assistance as the club may reasonably require in relation to any such complaint, allegation or request including by providing full details of any such complaint, allegation or request together with a copy of the personal data concerned by such complaint, allegation or request, within two days of receipt of the request for such personal data or such shorter period in order to enable the club to comply with its obligations in relation thereto, without entitling the member to charge the club any costs for such assistance.

The club promises to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, taking into account in particular the risk of accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of or access to a member’s personal data.

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