Selection policy

Het team dat is gekozen voor wedstrijden in de 1e XI-competitie is het beste team dat naar het oordeel van de selectiecommissie beschikbaar is. Het ‘beste team’ is het team dat het meest geschikt is om de competitiewedstrijd te winnen, wat kan betekenen dat een gewone batsman of bowler kan worden geschrapt om de balans van het team te veranderen, afhankelijk van de tegenstander.

Although starred players are allowed by the BCF to play some 2nd XI league matches, we have decided that they will not be chosen for 2nd XI league matches unless we are short of players.

When there is a weekend with both 1st and 2nd XI league matches, none of the players chosen for the 1st XI will be allowed to play for the 2nd XI other than the 2nd XI captain, vice-captain and match manager unless we cannot find 11 players and then we will be forced to make an exception.

When there is just a 2nd XI league match on a weekend then the best team available will be chosen.

When there is a league match and a friendly on the same weekend, the players chosen for the league match will not be chosen for the friendly unless we cannot find 11 players.

For friendlies, everyone is allowed to play, taking into account the guidelines specified above. Players attending training during the week before a friendly will be given priority in terms of selection. We will also prioritise new players and players who have played the fewest matches BUT you must make sure the selectors know you are available via Facebook Messenger, email, SMS or by calling the selectors. We will not call players to find out your availability unless it is really necessary.

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