Antwerp Cricket Club offers unique opportunities for corporate sponsors looking to link their brand to the fastest growing sport in Belgium and the premier cricketing institution in the country. Sponsorship of Antwerp Cricket Club also offers access to an otherwise difficult to reach ex-pat market. Corporate sponsorship packages are available from as little as €50.

1. Online Package – 100 euro

Listing and logo on the Antwerp Cricket Club website

2. Basic package – 250 euro

Online package plus:

  • Full internet bannering and homepage advertisement.
  • Advertising on all written communications and promotional material including the yearbook, posters and flyers inside the clubhouse, fixtures cards, etc.

3. Partner package – 500 euro

Basic package plus:

  • Ground advertising (signage, flags, pennants, clubhouse advertising, etc.)

4. Full package – 750 euro

Partner package plus:

  • Advertising on club clothing
  • Branded equipment (bats, stumps)
  • Naming rights for annual Antwerp T20 Cup, International Triangular Tournaments

5. Exclusive package – 2500 euro

Full package with exclusive naming rights and advertising rights at the ground and on all equipment and clothing.


  • Corporate day at the ground complete with cricket initiation and match
  • VIP hospitality and presentations at President’s Day


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