Membership implies payment of an annual subscription plus match fees. All members must pay there annual subscription BEFORE the start of the season. The club runs a strict no-pay/no-play policy.

New members may a friendly match before paying their annual subscription so that they can see if they really wish to join the club. After that they must pay their annual subscription before playing any further matches.

Players can play up to 2 matches for free. If you play 3 or 4 matches, you must pay 50% of the fees stated below. The fees as specified below then apply if you play 5 matches or more. 50% of the fees stated below. The fees as specified below then apply if you play 5 matches or more.

Note: this ruling applies to all senior members. Juniors always pay € 75, – regardless of the number of matches played.

Full membership: €150

Unemployed and students: €75

Ladies: €75

Juniors and social members: €75

Asylum seekers: free of charge (see conditions below)

A junior is classified as someone that is aged 16 or under up to and including the last day of September for the current season, which is when the season ends.

The same fees apply to male and female members.

It is possible to create a payment plan for members to enable the payment of their annual subscriptions. There are no fixed plans. Each member will be treated according to their personal circumstances and a suitable plan can be worked out accordingly. Speak to the management about this.

Members may also elect to work for the club in terms of helping with ground or clubhouse maintenance in lieu of their annual subscriptions. Again, speak to the management about this.

You can also claim some of you annual subscription from your ziekenfonds. Simply get the form from the ziekenfonds, fill in your details and hand it to the club to fill in the rest. Then send this to the ziekenfonds. For example, for the Christelijke Mutualiteit, CM, the details can be found here .

For members that are receiving assistance from the OCMW, the OCMW are usually willing to help pay part of your annual subscription. The club is willing to give you advice on this and send to the OCMW whatever relevant documention the OCMW demand.

Match fees are set at € 5 per match or € 75 for the whole season. These are to cover the match balls, umpire fees and lunch.

Fors. T20s match fees are € 2,50. Juniors are exempt from paying match fees for junior matches.

Bank account Antwerp Cricket Club:

IBAN: ING BE80 3630 2993 7977


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